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Sex industry uses social media to target cash-strapped students

by The sex industry has started using social media to target cash-strapped students. Advertisements are posted on websites such as Facebook promising large sums of money, in the hope ... Continue Reading →
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Essay Stress Buster

by It’s coming to that time of year when more and more people are making the nightly pilgrimage to the library. The dreaded essay season. With the end of term fast approaching ... Continue Reading →
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Film Review: Cinderella

by Courage, hope and love… Website Features Editor Cerys Thomas swoons over the new Cinderella. Let’s all start by admitting that we live in a cynical world. Every day we’re ... Continue Reading →
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Disadvantaged bright pupils found to be less likely to study A Levels than rich counterparts

by Oxford University’s Department of Education has discovered that pupils who are clever but disadvantaged are almost half as likely to achieve three A Levels than their rich peers. The ... Continue Reading →

GK Unions announces the potential closure of Medway Essentials

by Today GK Unions, the partnered Greenwich Students’ Union at Medway and Kent Students’ Union at Canterbury, announced the potential closure of the Medway Essentials shop. The ... Continue Reading →
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What’s with the lack of diversity in British Politics?

by In an ideal world, the representative MPs in Parliament should do exactly that; represent the country’s population. Currently however, our government fails to do that. Looking ... Continue Reading →