Week 2 BUCS Results

Kent’s BUCS teams did not enjoy the best of days last Wednesday (22 October), slumping to seventeen losses, with just nine wins and three draws. There were some positive results ... Continue Reading →

“After all, when was the last time you turned on a radio?”

The death of radio has been preached since television took over the living rooms of the 1950s-1960s and it even led to a hit song by the British New Wave group The Buggles. “Video ... Continue Reading →
Oscar Pistorius on trial. Photo: The Guardian/Getty

“Pistorius will no longer know freedom, whether he is held in a prison cell or running a race.”

Meg Weal comments on the news that Oscar Pistorius has been found guilty of culpable homicide, and says that the sentence given to him was a “mature decision”. ———–   On ... Continue Reading →

The Pro-Abortion Campaign Continues in Northern Ireland

Aaron Pape discusses the latest in the abortion debate in Northern Ireland.  There has always been controversy surrounding the morality of terminating an unborn life. Jim Wells, ... Continue Reading →

BUCS Week 2 – Your Exclusive Guide To This Week’s Fixtures

Tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd October) sees the second round of the 2014/15 BUCS season for UKC’s sports teams. After last week’s mixed results, Team Kent will be looking to return ... Continue Reading →

Cameron’s Quest to Fence Out Europe.

Otto Ilveskero discusses David Cameron’s EU policy and the feasability of a restricted immigration policy —– “Complete panic,” Lib Dem party leader Nick Clegg ... Continue Reading →

Are the tabloids inherently sexist?

InQuirer Malika White asks whether the tabloids’ treatment of celebrities differs according to their genders and offers here own thoughts on tabloid sexism.  According to research ... Continue Reading →
Daniella Verektenidi

How to still be an avid fiction reader while at uni

  Here I am, on a Tuesday evening, knowing I can’t drink or go out because I have a 9am lecture tomorrow morning as well as pending work for my other modules. So while procrastination ... Continue Reading →
Simon Cowell. Photo: Syco

“I think it’s time to face the music.”

Henry Mendoza discusses the X Factor and how it seems to be “less about finding really good singers, and more about bums-on-seats and money in Cowell’s pocket. “ —— Ah, ... Continue Reading →
Digibury 1

Digibury Festival Round Up 2014

The Digibury festival made its debut for the first time this weekend, bringing speakers and audiences together to discuss the impact modern technology is having on culture and society. The ... Continue Reading →