Simon Cowell. Photo: Syco

“I think it’s time to face the music.”

Henry Mendoza discusses the X Factor and how it seems to be “less about finding really good singers, and more about bums-on-seats and money in Cowell’s pocket. “ —— Ah, ... Continue Reading →
Digibury 1

Digibury Festival Round Up 2014

The Digibury festival made its debut for the first time this weekend, bringing speakers and audiences together to discuss the impact modern technology is having on culture and society. The ... Continue Reading →
Broadcasters have invited the Ukip leader to take part in one of three televised debates [GETTY]

“So why are Ukip being allowed to participate but not any of the other minority parties?” – Fraser Whieldon on the General Election TV Debates

Fraser Whieldon discusses the inclusion of Nigel Farage in the TV Debates for the General Election 2015, and the exclusion of the Green Party and SNP. ——————— The ... Continue Reading →
University College Hospital's new building. Photo@: WikiCommons

Health Today, Gone Tomorrow: How the NHS is slowly being outsourced to private healthcare providers.

Did you know the NHS has been privatised? Probably not, because it still says NHS on the billboard outside your local hospital. That’s because the services we students, and most ... Continue Reading →
Banksy Folkestone 1

Banksy art ‘vandalised’ in Folkestone but was it really vandalism?

 Katie Heslop discusses whether the recent vandalism on the Banky work in Folkestone was necessarily vandalism as graffiti, itself, is vandalism. Residents of Folkestone were aghast ... Continue Reading →
Parkwood Path. Image: Flickr / Kent

Comment: “Do YOU feel safe on the Parkwood Path?”

Emma Richards discusses the recent news that an online petition to install additional CCTV on the Parkwood Path has been created, and asks “Do YOU feel safe on the Parkwood Path?” ——   Many ... Continue Reading →
Malala Yousafzai. Photo courtesy of David Levy

“An ordinary teenager may well have thanked her lucky stars that she survived, and retreated into obscurity. Malala did not.”

Richard Taylor discusses the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai and responds to the questions of whether Malala is “less deserving” than other Nobel laureates. There ... Continue Reading →

BUCS Week 1 Results

On Wednesday 15 October, Team Kent enjoyed a mixed bag of results at the opening of its 2014/15 BUCS campaign. There were 14 victories, 4 draws and 15 losses with particular highlights ... Continue Reading →

Interview: Noor Franssen on directing and writing KTV’s Beat to the Windward

As Beat to the Windward premieres this week, Newspaper News Editor, Ruby Lyle talks to Noor Franssen, the director of KTV’s newest production about what it was like directing ... Continue Reading →
male feminism

The Male Feminist

  In a society where being a feminist is still often scoffed at Henry Mendoza offers us the reasoning behind identifying himself as a male feminist.   “I’m not a ... Continue Reading →