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Film Review: A Little Chaos

Starring and directed by Alan Rickman, A Little Chaos is the story of two landscape gardeners with opposing approaches to their work who become romantically involved during the creation ... Continue Reading →
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UKC’s ‘loneliness maps’ are being used to help isolated people

The University of Kent has conducted research into loneliness and has concluded the need for ‘loneliness maps’. The maps created by the University determine where the loneliest ... Continue Reading →

Review: Top Hat brings some glitz to Canterbury

Newspaper Sports Editor, Dan English, dons his top hat and tails, as he reviews the lastest musical to come to the Marlowe. Complete with the Irving Berlin score that made the original ... Continue Reading →
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LGBT parenting doesn’t necessarily produce an unhappy child

In an open letter on the Daily Mail last week, Hetty Baynes Russell criticised Mary Portas’ claim that motherhood is ‘doubly wonderful’ with another woman by describing ... Continue Reading →
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The Attenborough-esque Report: Venue

A popular hunting ground for all years, Venue plays host to a variety of wild beings looking for a good night out. With music drowning out any hope of communication, actions speak ... Continue Reading →
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UKC School of English book launch

Almost every year the University of Kent’s School of English host a book launch event. This year the event took place from 12-6pm on 7 April in the Templeman Library’s Special ... Continue Reading →