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InQuire Media Group is the University of Kent Canterbury’s student news group, consisting of both the website, InQuire Live, and the newspaper counterpart, InQuire.

The group provides news for students, by students. InQuire Live was launched in January 2008, and although a subsidiary of InQuire Media Group, it is not restricted to the University of Kent at Canterbury.

InQuire Live is run completely by student volunteer editors who oversee and publish all content and advertising on the website.

InQuire Live provides a platform for students of the University of Kent to gain valuable experience in journalism and photography but publishing their work online. We also endeavour to inform and entertain our audience with quality articles, reliable information and breaking exclusives.

For information about how to join InQuire Media, visit our Kent Union page on or simply click the ‘Join Us’ page tab situated above, which will take you straight to the page.
InQuire Media Group is funded in total by Kent Union. Any advertising queries must abide by Kent Union policies.






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