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Author: John Hsuan

Investigating Sports Related Dementia

Scientific studies have allowed for the conjecture that head collisions frequent in sports like football and rugby may lead to the development of dementia in the players at a later stage, as the result of a lengthy cognitive decline after years of sustaining seemingly minor head injuries and concussions. The association of sports with neurological diseases is more than reasonable; the first time I watched rugby, I thought how fantastic it was and what an impact some of the manoeuvres must have on the players’ health. In a recent British study, a post-mortem of six former football players with...

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A Trip to North Korea

North Korea, or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, as the officials there you want you to call it, is not as closed as you might think. For a few years now, Pyongyang’s regime allows tourists groups to enter the country. Getting there from Asia is not complicated. As long as you follow their rules, and are part of a group, you will be able to grasp a furtive outlook of the most recluse country on earth. The following photo-story has been made possible thanks to a trip I made in May 2016, while I was finishing my year...

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Premier League Relegation Battle 2016/17

With the title effectively wrapped up, the top 6 virtually decided and no natural underdog, it’s hard not to feel that the true appeal of the Premier League this season is in the relegation fight. Furthermore, there is a sense of unpredictability with the teams of the bottom this year, as whilst the likes of Newcastle, Aston Villa etc, had been easy favourites to go down in recent years, there is no such luck at the bookies this year. As such, the bottom 6 this year all have a potential to go down, with each team having their own...

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Varsity 2017: CCCU Topple UKC in Men and Women’s Rugby

Varsity finished on a low for Kent with losses in both the men’s and women’s rugby. The earlier kick off was in the women’s, and it was bleak from the start for UKC. CCCU were too strong on the wings, and continuously exploited the gaps that sprung up in defence. Quick ball and line breaks lead to another try, meaning the first half ended 22-0 in Christ Church’s favour. The second half was brighter in terms of defence, but the continuous pressure by CCCU meant the final score ended 37-0. The scoreline did not do the Kent women justice....

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Patriots Overturn 25 Point Deficit to Deny Falcons First Super Bowl

Sports have an endless capacity to surprise, but a game that is both astonishing and yet somehow predictable is more unusual. Super Bowl LI was one of these rare games. A close game had been predicted, and it was – and yet up until the 4th quarter, it had every sign of a blowout. Talk had surrounded the Atlanta defence – whether it would stutter as it had in the regular season, or continue its postseason form. In the end, they did both – for three periods their defence soared, and for one it collapsed. And ultimately, after such...

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