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Author: Katherine Payne

Varsity 2017: Equestrian Competition

The weather was on the side of both teams today as Trenley Riding Centre was lit with lovely sunshine, welcoming the first half of the day – the dressage competition! Dressage began with the first of the three tiers of difficulty. There was great form displayed by Kent’s Intro and Prelim 1 riders. CCCU faced some obstacles in their Intro tests, with some uncompleted steps likely meaning a loss of points for the team. The highest tier for dressage is clearly the most challenging; success is even more reliant upon the rider’s precise movement. The horse’s nature is always...

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Review: The Pigeon Detectives – Broken Glances

The Pigeon Detectives broke out onto the Leeds music scene in 2002 and now, fifteen years later, they bring us their fifth studio album ‘Broken Glances’. Set to be released on 24th February 2017, it provides a new and exciting sound for the Pigeons as they provide a more instrumental and experimental approach to their music. But that’s not to say they are reverting away from their dedicated fan-base who loved their indie-rock vibe from the previous albums; not in the slightest! Instead, this album is an ode to the fans who have stuck by the band this whole...

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Why are we so obsessed with reality TV?

It seems very interesting to watch people go about their daily lives when they are being filmed. For some reason, the viewing public really enjoys celebrities and reality stars being followed by a camera. There are so many shows out there now it’s hard to keep track; ‘TOWIE’, ‘Big Brother’, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, ‘Made In Chelsea’, ‘Geordie Shore’, ‘Real Housewives’ (of several locations), ‘Ex on the Beach’, ‘Love Island’, ‘Are You The One’ etcetera… I have to admit I have also fallen victim to the beast that is reality TV. I faithfully watched ‘TOWIE’, admittedly from season...

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Review: Sampha – Process

The debut album by Sampha Sisay, Process, has exceeded the expectation of fans and critics alike. The South London born musical prodigy has accumulated a loyal following with a catalogue of collaborations. His distinctive sound of vulnerability in Frank Ocean’s “Alabama” and the delicate ode to love in “Valentine” with Jessie Ware already distinguished Sampha as an artist on the rise. Process quite literally resembles the grieving process and the personal afflictions Sampha faced whilst producing the album. The loss of his mother and a reflection upon the simple life he had prior to success are the central motifs...

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CSR 24-Hour Charity Show

97.4fm is a favourite stop on the radio waves for Canterbury residents, and tomorrow from 10am listeners can tune in to radio presenter Jake Peach’s 24 hour broadcast, in aid of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. A Canterbury student and volunteer for CSRfm, Jake will stay on air for a marathon time of 24 hours. His goal is to raise £1000 for a charity of great personal meaning to him, as someone who underwent treatment for Leukemia and the recovery process a number of years ago. The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust supports 8-24 year old’s who have experienced long-term...

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