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Author: Natalie Tipping

Reported gas leak at new law clinic building, Canterbury campus

Reports are coming in of a gas leak at the new law clinic building on the University’s Canterbury campus. People have been evacuated from Eliot, Rutherford, Templeman Library, and the Senate. The leak has been caused by a contractor cutting through a pipe, and has been contained. Those on campus are being advised to keep windows closed as there may be a strong smell of gas. Campus security were assisted by gas experts on site. All buildings have now...

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EU Referendum: Big Canterbury Debate cancelled

The University has chosen to cancel its Big Canterbury Debate in light of the attacks on Labour MP Jo Cox earlier today.  Ms Cox was injured in a shooting incident in West Yorkshire earlier this afternoon and subsequently died in hospital from her injuries. Following the attack, Damian Green MP stepped down from the panel for the debate due to be held tonight at the University. The MP for Ashford was listed on the panel alongside fellow Conservative MP Julian Brazier, the parliamentary representative for Canterbury and Whitstable, and the Kent Union President (elect), Rory Murray. Green’s decision is in line...

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The Money Tree

InQuire submitted a Freedom of Information (FoI) request to the University which has revealed the cost of the Tensigritree, one of the University’s 50th Anniversary Beacon Projects.   The Tensigritree is the metal structure outside the Marlowe building in the centre of campus, which is shaped like a tree. It stands at seven metres tall and 12 metres wide, and was designed with the help of students from the School of Architecture.   The University have revealed in the FoI response that their original budget for the structure was £160,000. In total however, they have spent £185,207.60. This is...

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Reports of a student stabbing at Liberty Quays, Medway

There are reports coming in today that a University of Kent student was stabbed in block 1 of Liberty Quays in the early hours of the morning. South East Coast Ambulance Service have confirmed that they were called to the student accommodation just before 6am and took one person to hospital. Police remained at the scene until 8am. The University has said that it is working with the police on this matter, and has confirmed a student’s involvement. There are also unconfirmed rumours that the assailant stole some of the victim’s belongings. Liberty Living UK, the company that manages the...

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School of Engineering and Digital Arts create new wheelchair

The School of Engineering and Digital Arts have developed a new wheelchair design, aimed at giving wheelchair users greater independence than ever before. InQuire member and wheelchair user, Liam Megran, tried it out.  How difficult is life really from a wheelchair user’s perspective? It is a question that is commonly asked by more able-bodied members of the public, yet when challenged, it is always a question of how these difficulties and obstacles can be overcome. In this day and age, technology is progressing at an exponential rate, among these technologies we have powered wheelchairs that in turn provide a new...

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