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Author: Saga Rad

Top Ten Apps to Make Money as a Student

Coople Have you abandoned the possibility of finding work due to a busy class schedule? Coople provides users with on-demand work – meaning that you’re the one that dictates your availability. The app allows anyone to find part-time, flexible work in restaurants, hotels, offices, events and even festivals – matching you with opportunities that reflect your skills and preferences. It does all this within a day and can give you that extra boost of cash without having to compromise your social life and studies in the process. Taskrabbit TaskRabbit is an online and mobile platform that allows anyone to accept tasks...

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Theresa May speaks of a ‘Transitional Brexit Deal’

Priminister Theresa May has stated that her government will work towards avoiding a cliff-edge scenario after the two year Brexit negotiating period is up. The idea is a transitional Brexit deal to further a stable and successful Brexit. A transitional deal would possibly extend the period before Britain leaves the EU. While the extended negotiations are being carried out, hopes are that trading terms and some conditions of free movement will remain between Britain and the 27 member states of the EU. The suggestion of a transitional Brexit came as a response to the CBI president Paul Drechsler’s concerns...

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The RSPB- the UK’s largest nature conservation charity visits Kent

The RSPB is a big wildlife conservation charity who occasionally set up their stall at the University of Kent, to meet students, encourage support and recruit new members. Through their supporting donors the RSPB is able to carry out their work for wildlife conservation in the fields of research and active services to protect the wildlife all around the UK. Saga Rad meets Heidi and Chantel, membership development officers for the RSPB who answers some questions about the charity, what it means to be a monthly donor as a student, and how they are working to preserve wildlife both...

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Instagram inspiration

Saga Rad gives some tips of which Instagram accounts to follow at the moment.  TRAVELING:  @snowflakesfairy Going off the grid…   Based in London but venturing out on longer and shorter journeys, Snowflakesfairy features sceneries a bit more off the beaten track. Photographing a lot of British scenery will give you tips on little towns to visit. She even spent some time photographing a place we all know quite well…     @theballoondiary A pink traveling companion… With a more artsy outlook on traveling, Theballoondiary takes a pink balloon along when exploring the world, resulting in adorable pictures which...

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Contagious II – the Halloween event returns to haunt the Canterbury Tales!

Tonight Saga Rad went along to the Canterbury Tales Visitor’s Attraction’s special Halloween event Contagious; An adventurous scare tour set in the time of the plague.  The Canterbury Tales Visitor’s Attraction usually offers an interactive experience where costumed guides take you on a pilgrimage from London to Canterbury while re-enacting Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. But from the 27th-31st of October, the exhibition is transformed into a haunting depiction of medieval England with the Plague running rife. The special event ‘Contagious’ is being run for the second year in a row. Last year’s performance was recently shortlisted in the scare industry’s awards SCAR for...

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