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Author: Saga Rad

Are We ‘The Dumbest Generation’ Yet?

IT is regularly accused of being the largest villain in the drama of student procrastination. Accordingly, from time to time the heated debate springs up of whether using a computer actually is more rewarding than using a book. One after the other, the reports are raining down with flailing study results and lowered IQ levels due to technology’s involvement in our studies. But is it true? From just a couple of clicks we could acquire the kind of information that would take days to discover in a library. The question is weather our modern-time brains can handle the weight of the infinitely large cyberspace. According to Mark Bauerlein, professor in English at Emory Univeristy, Virginia, our generation’s...

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Venice through the wi-fi looking glass

Traveling is one of the greatest ways to open your mind to the fact that the world is bigger than you and everyone put together. It’s a self-medication of experience. By ‘traveling’ I don’t mean the back packing gap year type of deal, but just traveling anywhere, going on holiday/vacation. But with all the technology and assistance available to us through smart phones and wifi everywhere,  Lydia Rugg investigates if the wifi obsession of the 21st century is actually preventing us from experiencing the world first hand.  Transportation has come so far that it’s so easy for us to...

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‘Mind over Matter’ – UKC’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference 2015

On the 20th of November the conference ‘Mind over Matter’ took place in the Ingram building at University of Kent. The event was a collaboration between PhysSoc and the Mental Health Group UKC, and was part of the university’s Equality Week 2015.’The Mind over Matter’ conference was a place for students to find out more about mental health and wellbeing as well as advice on how to deal with being in a difficult situation and where to find help and support. Evie Polden, who is an organiser for the ‘Mind over Matter’ event said: “University can be a very...

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