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Author: William Bowkett

5 Tips For Staying Match-Fit Over Christmas

With the holiday season just around the corner, everyone is excited to see family, friends, and of course, eat a lot of delicious food. Staying physically active might be the last thing on anyone’s mind, however, its still important to maintain one’s health and fitness. Luckily, staying fit can actually be fun and a good opportunity to partake in family bonding. Here are five key tips on how to stay active during the holidays that are fun, engaging, and do not require spending endless hours in a gym. 1: Go on hikes or walks with family. ombine physical activity...

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Joy Everingham Interview: The UK’s First Transgender Minister

Joy Everingham, chaplain at the University of Kent, has become the first transgender minister to be ordained by the Methodist Church in Canterbury. For 43 years, she was forced to suppress her true identity, fearing that the revelation would result in hate or ridicule from the Methodist community and wider society. She first joined a church at the age of 15, after battling with her identity for several years. She found support, but the church she joined was rather conservative, and it taught that being gay is ‘sinful’. She continued to hide her true gender, and began dating her...

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Have Your Say : Tell your VC

Students and staff gathered at the Gulbenkian on Tuesday night for the ‘Have Your Say’ talk with Vice Chancellor Karen Cox and Deputy Vice Chancellor April McMahon. The two were all smiles, mingling with the crowd of students taking advantage of the free pizza before the talk began. Cox and McMahon were joined by Ruth Wilkinson, President of the Student Union. The audience were sent round to four separate stations: graduate prospects, academic experience, co-curricular opportunities and space; for each station they were asked to write down the questions they wanted addressed in the talk. The talk was interactive,...

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Podcasts: The New Radio

If the internet is burying print journalism alive, then surely, you’ll find the old wireless in the same grave, just a few feet farther down. “Video Killed the Radio Star” probably played while the eulogy was being read. But you’d be wrong to think that radio is gone. We probably won’t ever find ourselves listening to crackling audio of a worldfamous broadcaster who smoked as he read the news, that’s probably disappeared for good. But what that presenter had to say hasn’t. In fact, we are living in the golden age of radio right now. We just call them...

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A Collector of Penguins

During my travels in Scotland, I made it a mission of mine to explore the many old bookstores that hold such treasures as as an old orange D.H. Lawrence novel published by Penguin, or a two hundred-year-old leather bound books on rhetoric and public speaking. Sadly I didn’t have the time to find any used bookstores in Edinburgh, but Glasgow made up for that loss. The first used bookstore I went to in Glasgow was Caledonia Books, it was centrally located, and had a beautiful window display. The room was small, maybe 25 feet wide by 15 long, and...

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