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Author: Wesley Triffitt

The Brexit Referendum – What next?

Brexit. I’ve never seen a topic quite have the effect of completely dominating both the political and the wider popular culture of Britain. This word carries the hopes and dreams of an independent nation, free to carve out its own destiny; along with the fears and apprehension of a country looking inwards and backwards in a world that looks outwards and to the future. With the triggering of Article 50, our leaving the EU has all but been set in stone; the debate of whether we leave is over. Now we must focus on the next step, what comes...

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Domestic Violence: A Russian Regression

In February passed Yelena Mizulina’s law proposal to reduce most incidents of domestic violence from criminal offences to civil ones. In January, Mizulina suggested that it was inappropriate for the state to interfere in private family matters. Therefore, she concluded that “minor” incidents of domestic violence should be reprimanded less severely, with either a fine of $500 (which equates to £400 in the UK) or a sentence of community service. I was hopeful in my last article that a law as regressive as this would not be passed. Since the bill was passed, reports of domestic violence have increased...

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Dave Cocozza resigns as VP Education

Dave Cocozza, the Vice President of Education for Kent Union has resigned today (Monday 13th February). Effective immediately, I have resigned at Vice-President (Education) at Kent Union. A statement will be published in due course (1/2) — Dave Cocozza (@DaveCocozza) February 13, 2017 (2/2) and I hope you will understand my desire for privacy right now and respect that wish. Please direct enquiries to — Dave Cocozza (@DaveCocozza) February 13, 2017 Kent Union has issued a short statement, which says “As some of you will know, Dave Cocozza our Vice-President (Education), took some time off last term due...

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UKC Study Directly Links Sexual Objectification and Violence

A recent study conducted by psychologists at the University of Kent has proven that there is a direct link between the sexual objectification of girls and aggression towards them. Dr. Eduardo Vasquez and colleagues from the University’s School of Psychology, along with a former student, studied both youth members of gangs, as well as non-gang members; overall, they found that there was evidence of a link between objectification and non-sexual aggression in young people. The study itself, entitled ‘The Sexual Objectification of girls and aggression towards them in gang and non-gang affiliated youth’, featured 273 participants, aged 12 to...

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America and Russia: a “Special” Relationship?

What did we learn about the future of America’s relationship with Russia from the first Trump-Putin liaison? The first week of an American Presidency is usually like watching Godzilla’s child take its first steps; largely significant movements are made, but they are naturally cautious of not destroying the nearest city. In relation to Russia, comparisons to the Cold War should perhaps be avoided, as that would imply that the US have the upper hand diplomatically, and Trump’s recent relations with Putin have not agreed to that conclusion. A judgement of America’s relationship with Russia can only be made by...

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