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Milburn’s ‘Time’ is Here Again

Milburn’s ‘Time’ is Here Again
Kiran Saggu

Kiran is the Editor-in-Chief who loves writing and reading about everything, and not just because she has to.

The four boys that influenced indie rock sound immensely since piloting the South Yorkshire music scene in the early to mid-noughties, came back with a bang at their London show in early November. After an eight-year split, Milburn reunited in 2016 to do four special shows in their hometown of Sheffield, and due to its success, they released their third album in September this year.

I got a chance to check out one of the shows in London, and it was quite the experience. Being someone who is by no means an expert in this genre of music, I was impressionable, non-bias, and was able to learn a lot at this concert. A few things of the things I learned include that Joe Carnall is a badass vocalist, Milburn has some hardcore fans, and I’m marginally better at moshing than I thought I was.

Their new album ‘Time’ has an ambient, upbeat and enrapturing sound- from electric guitar tremolos to head banging drum beats (courtesy of Joe Green). You’ll be belting the lyrics after one listen to ‘Midnight Control’. Hearing it all live? Even cooler. See below for a couple clips.

The environment at this show was unbelievable. Small venue, with tremendous energy. The visuals and set were almost as captivating as the music and the crowd was loud, elated, and proud. Before the show even started, cult fans started chanting ‘Milburn’, and this continued throughout the concert, in-between almost every song.

During the course of the show, I lost an earring, a belt, and my entire skirt at one point- just by moshing. But despite the things I lost, I gained a lot, including a newfound respect for indie rock. Most importantly, Milburn gained a new fan.

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