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Review: The Pigeon Detectives – Broken Glances

Review: The Pigeon Detectives – Broken Glances

The Pigeon Detectives broke out onto the Leeds music scene in 2002 and now, fifteen years later, they bring us their fifth studio album ‘Broken Glances’. Set to be released on 24th February 2017, it provides a new and exciting sound for the Pigeons as they provide a more instrumental and experimental approach to their music. But that’s not to say they are reverting away from their dedicated fan-base who loved their indie-rock vibe from the previous albums; not in the slightest! Instead, this album is an ode to the fans who have stuck by the band this whole time:

This album is a documentary of that decade, it’s excitingly unapologetic in its effort to be different but at the same time it’s a respectful nod and dip of the cap to all our fans that have supported us and been a part of the adventure.” – The Pigeon Detectives

While they may have softened their energetic rock and roll sound, they provide a beautiful collection of songs that demonstrate their appreciation to the listener. ‘Sounding the Alarm’, their 5th song on the album is alive with a heartbeat bass and Matt Bowman’s sultry, smooth voice. ‘Munro’ is a gift that keeps on giving, a peaceful tune with the catchy melody that melts your ears for its full 6 minute set, and ‘Falling in Love’ is a heartfelt expression of love and heartbreak that is sure to resonate with every listener through its gorgeous but minimalist sound. While their new twist might not be everyone’s cup of tea, their classic edginess is still iridescent in songs such as ‘Stay with Me’, which provide a catchy throwback to their louder hook-filled style.

So while they might not be providing the same angst in their tunes I remember that came with ‘I Found Out’ on the Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging soundtrack, they provide a more mature album in keeping with the band’s signature melodies. Sure, thank the fans – but thank you Pigeon Detectives for making such a delightful comeback!

For information about their upcoming album tour, click here.

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