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This Weeks New Music: Story Books, Bombay Bicycle Club, Reggie Watts

This Weeks New Music: Story Books, Bombay Bicycle Club, Reggie Watts

Story Books – White Maid

Token Kentish track now. This one is special, from the excellent Sittingbourne founded Story Books. White Maid will test even the most upbeat listener’s sunny disposition, a monotone vocalist groaning over minor key piano and creepy strings. It’s dark, but loveably so.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Lunar

Ahead of a new album (So Long, See You Tomorrow, out in February) the BBC have released three singles. The first, Carry Me, is a dark and drugged track that wouldn’t be out of place at a Venue Friday night. The second, It’s Alright Now, retains a hint of the jingly summer-anthem Shuffle. The third, Lunar, is a little lighter, with a superb, uplifting chorus. It’s a departure from their recent foray into folk-inspired stuff, and promises an interesting forthcoming album.

Reggie Watts ft. Jon Brion – You Gotta Move

It’s difficult to figure Reggie Watts out. The comedian and musician is undeniably talented, and yet his refusal to write coherent lyrics (“get up but you can’t get down”, “open doors, see where it go, on the highway see how it flow”), and an endlessly various collection of excellent sweaters, make it difficult to take him seriously. His latest original track, however, is catchy enough to shuck the title of mere ‘comedy music.’ The chorus is particularly brilliant, some whiney synths providing the backdrop to Watts’ pitch-perfect falsetto.

Jean Deaux – Find U (Produced by Sampha)

Sampha has this year been tipped for the BBC Sound of 2014 award, despite having been around for, like, forever, making notably successful collaborations with SBTRKT and Drake. This latest project with Chicago singer Jean Deaux has Sampha and Deaux singing over a rapid, hypnotic beat that promises more excellent work from the both of them.

St. Vincent – Digital Witness

St. Vincent’s Annie Erin Clark has been pottering about with an eclectic sense of musical abandon for some three albums now. Ahead of her fourth album, she’s assumed a gravity defying hair-style and released Digital Witness, a satirical drubbing of contemporary Big Brother culture and social media stardom. It’ll make you want to update your status with “What’s the point of even sleeping if I can’t show it, you can’t see me”.

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