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The Canterbury Valentine’s week calendar

The Canterbury Valentine’s week calendar

The week of Valentine’s Day is a fun week to be in Canterbury. There are a multitude of events to attend regardless if you are a sucker for heart shaped fuzzy love or if you find Valentine’s Day dumb, commercial or just completely uninteresting. The Canterbury scene will offer something for everybody! Here is your calendar plan with most of the can’t-miss events for Valentine’s week!

13th of February: 


What better way to ring in Valentine’s day than by shaking the floors of Ballroom and sipping a rose petal martini? The concept of Bombo is the same as usual,  with drinks deals, dj’s and the promise of dancing all night long.


14th of February: 

Valentine’s Day: Book Speed Dating

On Valentine’s evening, Waterstones on Rose Lane is hosting an event in the name of love for literature. Bring along your favourite novel (and maybe a couple of your friends), and be ready to indulge in two minute literary discussions- speed dating style- with fellow book lovers.


Alternative Valentine’s event

Wise Words are hosting their annual alternative Valentine’s event where poets will battle the field of love, loss, joy, loneliness, lust and many other sensations. The event will be held at the inspiring venue of the Westgate Towers, where you, having stalked up the stairs of The Pound, will discover a creative evening (and a bar!). Tickets are £10 but that includes your first drink.


Karaoke evening at the Penny Theatre


Maybe it’s time to just sing your heart out, or maybe you’ve just had a few too many of the £3 cocktails… Regardless of your reason, the Penny Theatre karaoke night is always a complete laugh; the perfect after-party for a Valentine’s with your friendship group. Karaoke at the Penny is on every week, but this week the theme is a Valentine’s special.


Anti Valentine’s Day 

If you want to take the stance of being definitely anti-valentine’s, there is no reason why you shouldn’t still enjoy some poetry. The Comparative Literature society are hosting their Anti-Valentine’s event where self-love, self improvement and independence are in focus. The event will contain poetry, prose and pubs, based at the Monument in Canterbury.

Take a stand against Valentine’s day, love yourself and make your way to this event!


15th of February: 


If you didn’t get enough of poetry or of the Westgate Towers at the Alternative Valentine’s event, Prose& are hosting their monthly evening of storytelling in the spirit of Valentine’s. The magical venue of the towers will set the spirit of a mystical and inspiring evening. At the storytelling slam you get to enjoy a competition between 10 storytellers, as well as hear the headliner Dan Simpson perform his poetry. Entry is £5.


16th of February: 

Chocolate and Wine tasting at Chocolate café

If you’re feeling a luxurious evening to finish of the week, Chocolate café are hosting a wine and chocolate tasting where you will sample 5 marvelous wines and 8 different chocolates. At £15 it’s a slightly more pricey spectacle, but perfect as a luxury treat to spoil you, your friends or a special someone, or if your student loan just came in.




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