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Contagious II – the Halloween event returns to haunt the Canterbury Tales!

Contagious II – the Halloween event returns to haunt the Canterbury Tales!

Tonight Saga Rad went along to the Canterbury Tales Visitor’s Attraction’s special Halloween event Contagious; An adventurous scare tour set in the time of the plague. 

The Canterbury Tales Visitor’s Attraction usually offers an interactive experience where costumed guides take you on a pilgrimage from London to Canterbury while re-enacting Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

But from the 27th-31st of October, the exhibition is transformed into a haunting depiction of medieval England with the Plague running rife.

The special event ‘Contagious’ is being run for the second year in a row. Last year’s performance was recently shortlisted in the scare industry’s awards SCAR for ‘Best new event’.

“It is not an exhibition but rather a scare experience” is what the PR Executive for the event, Ellie Morgan, told me in anticipation of the event. “It is more unnerving than terrifying” she reassured me.

Upon arriving at the Canterbury Tales attraction I was guided into the backyard by two ‘contagious citizens’ with blood on their faces who asked me to pick which gravestone I would prefer once the Plague had taken me.

I was then thrown into the astounding building where the breathtaking, and frankly quite frightening, experience begun. Guided by seers, spirits and ghost we were each given a mission to search for a cure for the Plague. I won’t give away too much detail from the actual search as we were sent out on our figurative journey from an infection filled London to Canterbury, but the live actors and the engaging environment was definitely enough to create a scary ambience.

“It was terrifically executed, with a labyrinth of chilling characters and elaborate decorations. I loved and feared every second” said Daniella Golden who was my traveling companion on the ghastly pilgrimage. As we were standing on the bottom floor we could actually hear the other visitors scream out on the floor above us. Luckily I can say that we both made it out alive and well, if only a bit shaken and full of excitement. The event was perfect if you’re trying to get into the halloween spirit. I definitely screamed out more than once!

If you’re looking for a spooky activity this Halloween weekend (and you’re feeling brave enough) I strongly recommend the Contagious event. But hurry to book your tickets because the event is only featured until Monday the 31st of October!

Tickets for the event can be bought on the Canterbury Tales website:

Tickets are £10 per person and the experience is recommended for 14 years+

And if you dare to visit the exhibition I will repeat the useful advice I was given by the hollow eyed seer who beckoned us to enter:  “If you’re feeling courageous- don’t touch any of us because we’re ALL contagious!”

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