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Five February Favourites

Five February Favourites

February is a great month. Strategically placed in the calendar to offer a glimmer of hope for the year, spirits begin to lift during February. It’s the month of love, the month before official Spring and the shortest; basically, it’s the Ryan Gosling of the months. Here Bryony Jewell shares a few of her favourites for February…

 1. Adele & Beyonce

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Just when you thought these two stars couldn’t climb any higher in the worlds admiration the Grammy’s happened. Although both winning on music’s big night it was Adele who won the coveted Album of the Year title. Dedicating her speech to Bey, Adele emotionally explained how she couldn’t possibly accept the award when Lemonade was the best, most thought out piece of art of the year. Oh Adele. Gracious and humble singing superstars; now that’s something we can definitely get behind in 2017.

 2. Anastasia Beverley Hills Liquid Lipstick (specifically in Vamp)

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As a lover of a strong lip, I’ve taken it upon myself to search the world for the best liquid lipstick- any excuse to buy new makeup amirigh? Anastasia Beverly Hills is by far the best long lasting one I’ve tried so far. Coming in a range of colours these stains last forever, I’m talking all day, through multiple cups of tea and meals kinda forever. Although not the cheapest out there and not all that easy to get hold of in the UK this lipstick is definitely worth the search.


3. Cream Egg’s are back <3

This may be the single most exciting day of the year. You walk into Essentials and there they are. I’ll admit, Creme Egg’s are not always a crowd pleaser but they are a sure sign that Easter and therefor four weeks off, are on the way.

 4. The Moorside

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Recently shown on the BBC this docu-drama is definitely worth two hours of your time. Retelling the story of Shannon Matthews, who went missing in 2008, the show focuses on the community she came from and their efforts to find her. Yes, it’s a little dark but the acting in the show is incredible. Sheridan Smith stars as main community figure Julie and of course, in classic Sheridan style, she is phenomenal throughout.

 5. Early signs of Spring

Frame of fresh tulips arranged on old wooden background

Actually left the house without seven layers and a coat fit for the arctic the other morning; so would call that a win! The clues of Spring being on the way are the best. Brighter mornings, warmer weather and generally happier people. What could be better.

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