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Amendment would allow British citizens to keep EU privileges post Brexit

Amendment would allow British citizens to keep EU privileges post Brexit

The suggestion that britons could opt to keep the privileges of an EU citizen even after Brexit is to be reviewed in the European Parliament after receiving a significant public encouragement.

The plan proposes an associate EU membership for British citizens who would wish to remain part of the EU, even after Brexit.

Although the EU is a far from flawless organisation, as proclaimed by 52% of the British population, it was founded upon the incitement to keep the peace in Europe, which suggests the importance of such an organisation. Starting out as the European Coal and Steel Community after the Second World War, it was an organisation anticipating that members benefiting from communal trade would be less likely to declare war against each other.

However, today a multitude of British people live and work in mainland Europe and consider themselves Europeans.

The associate membership was suggested by MEP Charles Goerens, Luxembourg, as an amendment to the draft rapport drawn by European Parliament Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt. After figuring in the headlines and receiving a significant support and attention by the public, the proposal is now to be reviewed in the European Parliament.

The plan suggests that British citizens could opt to keep EU privileges by an individual EU membership. For an annual fee, which would go straight to the EU budget, associate members would keep the freedom of movement, health care benefits, and the right to reside in EU countries. Associate members would also receive the right to vote in European elections, where they would fill the seats soon to be vacated by the 73 British MEP’s.

Currently, an EU membership is attained through citizenship of an EU state. However, EU membership is additional, and not equal to citizenship, which suggests that the individual could be able to either opt for or opt out of the EU regardless of citizenship.

An associate membership plan will require some change in the EU treaty but would not interfere or concern the national citizenship. However, there is no proposition yet as of what the annual cost for an individual looking to gain an associate membership would be. 

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