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Canterbury acid attacks on Thursday and Friday

Canterbury acid attacks on Thursday and Friday

Two acid attacks have been committed in Canterbury on Thursday evening and Friday afternoon.

A man has been taken into custody, and three people taken to the hospital, however no one is yet reported to have serious injuries. The police are investigating the reports, although nothing is yet confirmed.

It seems that the chemical was thrown at 4 people at 2 different Canterbury locations.

The first attack occurred in Hales Place around 10.30pm last night, where a man in his 20’s was approached and fell victim to the acid attack and robbery.

A police spokesman reports “A man approached him and sprayed a clear, noxious liquid into his face from a container.”

It’s reported that the suspect supposedly left the scene amongst a group of people.

On Friday afternoon police and ambulance services were yet again called to a location near Rheims Way, near the St.Peter’s roundabout  in Canterbury city centre. This report came less than 24 hours after the man was attacked and robbed in Hales Drive.

“A call came in just after 4pm to St Peter’s Place. We responded to a report of assault” says Rich Airey from South East Coast Ambulance service.

The matter is being dealt with by police and there is likely to be a police investigation.

Kent police spokesman James Walker says all the people involved in the “altercation” are thought to be known to each.


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  1. I appreciate that ‘acid’ is a catch-all term, but if there have been no injuries, then it sounds like this was pepper spray or something similar. Actual, harmful, physically disfiguring acid attacks are happening all over the world. It seems like the language used has been unnecessarily exaggerated if it is not actually an acid attack- a term which carries a very specific connotation. That would be like calling the use of a BB gun “gun crime.


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