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Kent and CCCU Memorandum of Understanding: A Vice-Chancellor perspective

Kent and CCCU Memorandum of Understanding: A Vice-Chancellor perspective
William Bowkett

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Last month, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by University of Kent Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Karen Cox, and Canterbury Christ Church Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Rama Thirunamachandran. 

An MoU is a formal agreement to establish an official partnership. It is not legally binding but signifies a degree of seriousness and mutual respect. 
On 13 October, by signing the MoU, both universities pledged to maintain and enhance academic collaboration, staff and student well-being, and community engagement.

Speaking to InQuire on the signing, Ms Cox said that the MoU signing between the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church has helped them to build “such a positive relationship.”

She also commented that “we work together in so many ways, not just with our shared facilities at Medway but through many other initiatives, from Varsity to Street Marshals. And together we have an enormous impact on the city and regional economy – something like one in eight jobs in Canterbury and over £1bn in GVA for the region”, and that the MoU is “really no more than setting out on paper some of the areas where we do engage: collaborating in promoting the well-being of students and staff; strengthening areas of joint endeavor; and benefiting the communities in Canterbury and Medway and the wider region.”

Both CCCU and UKC are also in the process of working together on an “exciting new development” for the creation of a medical school based in Canterbury, something which Ms Cox said is “going to be challenging… [as] the barrier to entry for new medical schools is rightly set very high… whether or not we succeed, we have identified very many areas of common ground that will I hope enable fresh opportunities for both universities to support the health ecosystem in Kent.”

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