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Dave Cocozza resigns as VP Education

Dave Cocozza resigns as VP Education

Dave Cocozza, the Vice President of Education for Kent Union has resigned today (Monday 13th February).

Kent Union has issued a short statement, which says “As some of you will know, Dave Cocozza our Vice-President (Education), took some time off last term due to ill health. Unfortunately Dave has decided not to continue in his role as a full-time officer for Kent Union.”

The post continues to say that Dave had “delivered some fantastic work”, and that Kent Union “wish him luck in her future career.”

Dave Cocozza has started a number of initiatives since becoming VP Education, including the launch of the new student feedback system ‘Digital-Rep’.

Dave’s early wins. Photo from Kent Union Facebook Page.

However, questions have already been raised over which of Dave’s manifesto points will now be taken into action. A promise of increased lecture recordings, free breakfasts during exam season and class-free Wednesdays were all pledged in his campaign for VP Education last year, but they are either yet to be implemented or have not made a noticeable impact so far. It is unconfirmed whether these points will be among the aforementioned “wins” mentioned in his resignation statement.

Since this year’s VP elections are soon approaching, there will be no by-election for this role.

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