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Woman Forced to Leave Australia after Birth Certificate Mistakenly States She is Male

Woman Forced to Leave Australia after Birth Certificate Mistakenly States She is Male

kim walmsley birth certificate

A woman’s life has been turned upside down due to a mistake on her birth certificate which ended her dream life abroad and put her marriage in jeopardy.

A British woman whose birth certificate mistakenly says she is male has been forced to return home from Australia because the error means she is an ‘illegal gay marriage”.

Married mother of five Kim Walmsley, 49, is biologically female but was incorrectly registered as a male when she was born in February 1965.

Mrs Walmsley moved to Queensland  in 2003 with her husband Jack and five children. However, the family were forced to return back home to Liverpool after just one year of living their Australian dream when the blunder  meant that Mrs Walmsley was unable to renew her passport.

Despite owning a four year visa, without a renewed passport Mrs Walmsley could not continue living in Australia.

Additionally, it now rendered her 23 year marriage to husband Jack homosexual and therefore illegal.

Mrs Walmsley first became aware of the mistake in 2003, after she moved to Australia and applied for a full-time visa. Assuming it could easily be altered, she did not feel too concerned about the mishap, until she was informed that the form could not in fact be edited due to it being a legal document.

The General Registry Office  accepted the mistake but stated that it is against the law to change it.

The family claim that the move and legal battles have cost them around £150, 000. They have contacted five different solicitors about the ordeal but all have been unable to amend the mistake .

They received a letter last year from the Archbishop of Canterbury confirming that their marriage in 1991 is seen as invalid in the eyes of the Church. Mrs Walmsley said that when news spread of the situation, their family became the victims of homophobic abuse because of the supposed ‘gay marriage’.

Mrs Walmsley now feels that the situation has got so out of control that the only person who can help her is David Cameron.

Mrs Walmsley said: “The whole thing is absolutely disgusting. I’ve lived nearly 40 years not realising I was registered as a boy and then all of a sudden my whole life fell apart.”

We are a Christian family and it’s a massive problem to me that my marriage is illegal. I want to marry Jack again as husband and wife but how can I when I’m still classed as a boy?”

“It’s a disgrace but they won’t change it.”

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