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Is England Really Coming Home? #worldcup

Is England Really Coming Home? #worldcup
Megan Warwick
Sports Editor

Meg is a the Sports Website Editor for InQuire, and enjoys writing articles for the Sports, Entertainment and Culture sections. She has been a part of several societies/sport at university and extra curricular activity, including Keynes President and Women's Lacrosse 2nds Team Captain.

We’ve stormed past the group stages and into the knockouts, where there have been many shocks for the spectators of the football. Here, we reflect over what’s happened in the World Cup so far, from the most shocking moment to, of course, England’s furthest World Cup triumph since the 2006 quarter finals.

The knockouts have also created some shocking end scores, such as Russia beating Spain (Spain are often favours to win the cup) the score 1-1 going to penalties, in which was 4-3 to Russia. Croatia then played Denmark, which also ended 1-1 but was won by Croatia, 3-2 penalties. Brazil took an easy win against Mexico, the final scoring being 2-0. The Japan and Belgium match was thrilling, Japan drawing with Belgium, who was up first half by two goals, Japan scoring two goals of their own no more than ten minutes into the second half. However, Belgium took home victory by scoring a final goal, the score 3-2 overall.

Yet, the most exhilarating game for the U.K was England vs Columba, in which went from a nail-biting 1-1, (England’s goal scored by Kane in a first-half penalty and Yerry Mina for Colombia in the second half), to England winning 4-3 in penalties. The England team are known for being notoriously terrible at winning penalties, so the entirety of the UK’s spectators was in ecstatic’s when England was victorious. It was an intense match, Colombia receiving six yellow cards, one of which featured a very vagarious headbutt. The key England players for the match have to be those who scored the penalties, being Eric Dier, Marcus Rashford and Kieran Trippier. Harry Kane scored the teams only in-game goal AND his penalty shot as well. The goalie, Jordan Pickford was on top form, saving Carlos Bacca’s shot to allow England to win the game.

As the world cup makes its ways to the quarterfinals, England are next to play Sweden on Saturday at 3 pm.

The cheers of ‘it’s coming home’ can be heard from miles away. Let’s see if it really does.

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